G L A S G O W, a new Spanish duo, have recently graced my ears with their dreamy single ‘Stockholm’.
The duo consists of Mario.V.S (composer, keyboard, vocals and guitar) and Adrian.A.G (lead guitar and lyrics). The pair have been working hard over the holidays to record ‘Stockholm’ and with good reason, the song is definitely one almost anyone could enjoy.

The song consists of sleepy vocals and the pitter patter of guitar notes, both components working together to relax every inch of your body whilst causing you to sway gently in time to the tune. The sounds make you feel as though you are drifting, an ability most songs have lost these days, making it something people need to take note of. The only flaw to point out with this song is that it’s over so soon, it is easy to get carried away with the song so when it’s over you do feel slightly lost.

Another song you can take a look at is ‘Nebraska’, a slightly more upbeat song featuring a gentle drum beat, definitely pushing the band into a similar category of other indie bands such as Peace and Swim Deep.

Keep up with G L A S G O W:






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