Jep Rodie

Jep Roadie

“If it wasn’t for the ability to create hope through my music, I wouldn’t be able to cope. I can only do what I feel. Nothing is ever given, that is why people take. When nothing is appreciated, people forget. When nothing is done, nothing changes. We are going to be the change. Time is running out, so are my patience. My n*gga died this year, he was going to be on the tour bus with me, he knew music, he was one of the realest people I will ever meet. Don’t drink and drive. You won’t be around to realize your impact on your surroundings.” 

Jep Rodie, an American rapper, has released a new single; ‘Jam Jam’. The song has a very personal feel with the rap sounding more like spoken word, making the song more original. ‘Jam Jam’ also has a slow beat making it sound a lot more serious, reiterating the rappers messages in the song. It’s definitely a song to check out and can listen/download it here.

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