Barry & Liebe

Barry & Liebe are a two piece acoustic band from Co. Monaghan and they have recently released their delicate and alluring debut EP Mariposa. While playing wedding music for the past few years, the pair have a wide range of ability with a range of instruments which include the piano, organ, 6 & 12 string guitar and different whistles which all give their songs a compelling sound.

The first track on the EP is ‘Dear Beautiful Dreamer’, a heartfelt dedication to a close friend who has passed away. The melody is made up of more basic components, featuring mainly a piano, guitar and violin, which allows you to focus on the strong, canorous voice of Liebe. ‘Dear Beautiful Dreamer’ was also the song which induced the creation of the EP after a fellow musician told them to get it recorded at an open mic night.

‘You Know What’ is the second track and it is also my favourite. It’s a rhythmical song which gives off a powerful flow of emotion while the tinkling piano interlude gives it a softer, classic feel. Somehow the band has mixed the classical piano with folk to create an irresistible melody.

The last two tracks on the EP are ‘Reveal’ and ‘Wonder Why’. ‘Reveal’, a mainly vocal song, is a very raw, passionate composition with a calming, surging music backing. ‘Wonder Why’ is about ‘the one that got away’. The track has gentle melodies and vocals which create a caressing sound, almost as if they are calming the upset over the one that got away.

Soundcloud / Buy The EP / Twitter / Facebook.


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