Empire Affair

Empire Affair was formed in Bournemouth during 2011 and consists of Neil Tallant (vocals), Jack Woolston (guitar), Matt Park (guitar and keys), Tom Parrett (bass) and Darren Sheppard (drums).  Empire Affair’s 3rd EP ‘Pangs’ was released on September the 5th and presents a fast paced indie pop feel.

The first track on the EP is ‘Press Reset’, a song featuring an unruly chant, harmonious lyrics and a killer beat, it raises your heart rate while building an atmosphere which the rest of the EP continues to sustain. ‘Press Reset’ is the sort of track that would open the set of an  phenomenal  live  performance from the boys.

Following that is ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ which opens with a stomping beat, melodic vocals and shows the bands rockier side while mixing their staple pop feel with canorous ‘ooo’s. This is the tune that would get your feet moving and body dancing as the full power of this song builds up after a brief slowing of the beats.

‘DNA Code’ is the third song and possibly my favourite. The chorus is contagious as Tallant belt’s out passionate lyrics which immediately start to circle your mind. The track has an almost soothing but upbeat electronic synth note accompanying a large majority of the song, adding a thicker feel to the song that bombards the mind with plenty of sounds to savour. 

‘Forest Beyond The Tree’s’ is a slightly more gentle track in comparison to the rest of the EP, featuring more pop sounds and light cooing vocals. However, just because it has a gentler effect doesn’t mean it has lost its atmospheric, infectious qualities which appear throughout the EP. 

The EP finishes with ‘End of Disco’, a climatic track with strong vocals and slow, drifting air that builds up to powerful musical release before fading out, the band has definitely finished the EP with something to talk about. 

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