Cats Park

Cats Park are a Russian band from St Petersburg comprising of 5 members; Alex Andreev (bass, keys), Faijee (vocals), Roman Shatohin (guitar), Alexander Alekseev (keys) and Yuri Andreev (drums). Formed in 2001, the band have already released an EP – ‘Your Love Is A Sin’ and have now released an album ‘A Taste Of Heaven’ which is mostly described as ‘down-tempo rock’. 

The track first track, ‘In Between‘, features delicate yet compelling vocals and a slow industrial beat which adds a slight somber feel to the track. It throws you into their frequent relaxed cadence genre. Up next is ‘In My Room‘, a melody with a slow tempo making it a track to wind down to as voice caresses your ears, soothes your brain calms your worries while the gentle notes place a placid smile on your face. Then onto ‘Back To Heaven‘ which boasts a faster tempo while Faijee repeats the lyrics ‘How do you know‘, causing them to flick off your tongue the second time you hear the track played. ‘When Someone Loves You‘ could almost be described as a dance track with a quicker, continual beat. After the chorus of this track has an ascent of string notes adds a thickness to the track, not letting any possible sound not be created. ‘Precious Days‘ shows a more sophisticated side to the band while ‘Prisoners of Heartbreak‘ explores more electronic, synth sounds. Next comes ‘Thin Skinned‘, a song which has a hint of early Placebo in. The melodies in the track are very varied, swapping between a slightly industrial sound to a solemn, harmonising chorus. The penultimate track, ‘Plastic World‘ features the same soulful vocals as shown throughout the album and a dizzying riff adding a ‘rock’ feel. The album ends with ‘I Can’t Wait‘, a tender song with a climatic and fulfilling ending. 

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