Jet Black Sunrise

Formed in 2009, Jet Black Sunrise are a five piece indie pop/rock band comprising of Matt Cronin (vocals, keys), Nick Fede (vocals, guitar), Jay Schneider (vocals, bass), Matt Smith (vocals, guitar) and JC Zwisler (vocals, drums). They have have previously released an LP and an EP and have recently released a second EP titled ‘Departures‘.

The EP opens with a track named ‘In Flight‘, a graceful beginning track which features light piano notes that build up to a powerful vocal and musical crescendo. The remaining minutes of the track boast a robust riff and raw vocals while the electric notes of a guitar gives it a prominent rock feel.

The second track, ‘Rockview‘, contains gentler acoustic guitar notes which take centre stage throughout the song. The chorus is one to jam out to while the stunning guitar instrumental injects shots of colour into the song.

Granite‘ has a very rhythmic beginning that is accompanied by echoing guitar notes. I feel that ‘Granite’ has a very winter feel, not because of the mention of snow but because it is the sort of song you imagine yourself listening to while sat by the fire as the skeleton like trees watch from the window.

Gone‘ is akin to a slow lullaby presenting melodic, genial acoustic notes, while ‘Run Away‘ encompasses a strength-giving beat, lyrics which hold your heart still and a climatic ending that shoots warmth through your veins.


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