The Everglows

The Everglows are a three piece band hailing from East London comprising of Andy Smith (guitar/vocals), Ray Brodrick (drums) and Steve Perkins (bass). The band have been influenced by sounds such as the 60’s Mod, psychedelia and Britpop which is obvious when listening to some of their music.

One of the songs that has been recently added to their song book is ‘Sugary Sun‘, a lively, fast paced track. With a rapid beat that never seems to stop and fuzzy guitar and vocal notes, ‘Sugary Sun‘ is a song you should take note of as it radiates groove and good vibes. The only downside to this track is the length, the experiance of the song is over within two and a half minutes.

Another track to listen to is ‘That Other Girl‘, a slightly slower, clearer song. This track boasts repetitive and infectious guitar riffs and powerful vocals that proves the emotion in this song.

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