Deaf Poets

Deaf Poets are a Miami based duo who are blessed with some real talent, especially considering the band was formed as a way of killing time. The duo consist of Nico Espinosa (vocals/drums) and Sean Wouters (vocals/guitar) who, regardless of their small numbers, create a sound which blows you away with its depth.

Their most recent album, ‘4150‘, features some pretty amazing sounds, starting off with the first track ‘Fly‘, a rebellious, fast paced track with strong vocals. ‘Fly’ is something you can really get your teeth into, and, while giving you a taste of what is to come in the album, it gives you something to get your rock spirit going. 

Pale Skin‘ opens with showdown riffs, very similar to the Arctic Monkeys and carries on with a slow, waltz like chorus. 

Then the album moves onto ‘Had Me Waiting‘, a song that boasts a more dirty rock feel compared to the previous tracks and the riffs are very similar to some Black Keys tracks. 

Can’t Breathe‘ contains scratchy vocals, a powerful crescendo of notes and just overall energetic vibes. It is a definite song to rock out to and lift your spirits. 

This Pain‘ sounds alot like a Kings Of Leon track, especially in the vocals. It’s quick beats fly by, sweep you up and drown you in an edenic flush of strength giving sound. 

A slower track follows called ‘Cold Cold Thieves‘. In this track you really start to see the softer side to the duo through smoother vocals, gentler beats and subdued guitar notes. This is not to say this track has lost its rock feel though, somehow Deaf Poets have managed to deftly show their gentle side while continuing to boast their defined wild sound. 

Degenerate Mind‘ goes on to continue the agile pace in the album. The song is full of ‘ah-ah-ah’s and lyrics which make you want to shout them out loud. The repetitive nature of the song also means it will get stuck in your head for awhile but who’s to say its a bad thing when it comes from a band like this? 

Sunlight Sunset‘ is another one of the bands slower songs, it features synth sounds, staggered beats and laid-back vocals while Sally‘ flaunts a slow, loud beat accompanied with killer riffs, creating a strange ominous feel, a more ‘show-off’y track from the band.

Little Red Wagon‘ is a slightly more grungy track with similar vocal sounds to ‘Can’t Breathe’, the song is mostly instrumental with repetitive infectious lyrics you learn within seconds.

The album ends with song that, if sung live, would force lighters (or phones) up in the air as a crowd becomes one and sways in time to the notes. ‘Make Believe‘ is a track with a slow plodding beat and fuzzy calm vocals which voice words of deep feeling.

Just listen to the album. It will become a new favorite.

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