Hazels are a fairly new 5 piece band from Durham comprising of James Gibbons, Robbie O’Neill, Peter Lavery, Tomo Errington and Matthew Duffy. The band was born after jamming in a greenhouse of all places and has gained a sturdy following, with good reason too, Hazels boast a constant appearance of tracks you sink your teeth into; authentic and original songs and infectious, fast tunes you want to listen to over and over again.

This Ain’t A Game‘ contains a compact, persistent beat with no fault, one which will infect your mind and leave a reminder of the song there for a day or two. The song is competitive and the melody barely slows, in fact it mostly changes as it quickens for the chorus. Vocals, think Franz Ferdinand, think rockabilly, they sound like they’ve had years of experiance but have only had a little, this can only be interpreted as a sign this band has infinite success awaiting them in the future.

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