The Black Delta Movement

The Black Delta Movement are a four piece band from Hull comprising of Matt Burr (6 and 12 string guitar and vocals), Dom Abbott (guitar and vocals), Jack Brown (drums) and Liam Kerman (bass). The band boasts a sound similar to Kasabian, dark and slightly psychedelic while rich in rock sounds.

The two songs I’ve managed to get my dirty little fingers on are ‘The Messenger‘ and ‘Ivory Shakes‘, two songs which both express the ability and beauty of the band.

The Messenger‘ hosts the perfect stomping beat to get your emotions, and energy, out on. The band has also managed to include perfect guitar sounds, a vibrating, echoing jangle of stringed noise. As the track builds momentum, it becomes a song which picks up your spirits and throws them higher than a song should be able to, a song which makes you heart balloon with excitement and elation, I’m not sure what happened to make the song so good but it is the sort of thing you play loud and proud.

Ivory Shakes‘ features stumbling riffs which crash over a bold beat, dominant vocals which ends up repeating in your head and the perfect crescendo of notes. While the lyrics “She knows where she’d rather be” make you wonder where you would rather be, I can definitely say I’d rather stay and listen to their music for a little while longer.

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