Perma F

Perma F are a Swedish duo comprising of Leif and Birgitta Ekman. They have released their 6th single over the past few weeks following their March single and their debut album which came out last year.

Their single release includes two songs; ‘Burning Angel‘ and ‘One Way Ticket‘.

Blondie fans really need to take notice of the first track. The vocals of ‘Burning Angel‘ are freakishly akin to the voice of Debbie Harry’s. The track also features lighter synth sounds which accompany a thrashing drum beat. This is not any drum beat though, it is the sort of drum beat that, when focused on, increases your heart rate and fills your veins with power and energy making you feel invincible.

One Way Ticket‘ boasts a very different sound which is obvious from the beginning. The vocals are slightly warped, the melodies akin to an Egyptian dream and, while a contrast is obvious, there are still similarities to the first song. The fast paced tempo breathes energy into the notes and there are still synth-like sounds which give an aroma of 70’s new wave.

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