Ahuizotl (au-wi-zot-l) is a German indie rock band comprising of Barry Langer (guitar and vocals), Christof Schulte (drums), Stefan Ebbers (bass), Felix Hedderich (keyboards). The band have been working on their new album ‘Integrity Is Overrated‘  which is released today.

The album opens with a vibrating electronic space sound, a repeated strum accompanied by another quick, constant strum stirring in the background. As soon as the raspy voice kicks in you realise that the album has an air of promise, thoroughly proven in ‘Ghosts of Departed Quantities‘. ‘Movie‘ follows, opening with isolated guitar notes and then bouncing drums along with what sounds like a sincere chorus. ‘Everybody’s Breaking Up So Why Don’t We‘ is a song tinged with sorrow and an air of an uncommitted attitude. The attitude is thoroughly shown within the song through the laid back melodies that seem to just be a flow of emotion.

Slide‘ shows a slide in genre. The tones of the track are softer and gentle, revealing a different edge to the band. ‘I Wanna Be Ignored‘, a track which squeezes out the bands juices as a light buzz backs the songs giving you a feeling like that of the lightheadedness when drunk and an interesting instrumental is full of a symphony of different notes form different instruments. The song loiters a bit near the end, as if it doesn’t want to end but this could possibly be the best track on the album.

Perfect Day‘ holds an echoing techno noise which changes the shape of the song; ‘Go Away From Under My Cloud‘, while sounding like the Rolling Stones song, holds contrasting drum beats that holds your attention; ‘Self Made‘ and ‘Nice‘ both share the same staple sounds. These four tracks are where you can see the bands youth, however, it wouldn’t take much effort to improve them to meet the standards they have created through their other tracks.

The album finishes with ‘Decadence Will Save Us All‘, a song which comes in waves, a calming finale to a recherche album.

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