Dinosaur Crush

Having met at university in Reading, Dinosaur Crush is a 5-piece band comprising of Kat Hooper (vocals), Matt Davis (rhythm guitar), Ben Fox (lead guitar), Sam Arbon (bass guitar) and Chris Taylor (drums). Having been influence by a wide range of musicians including Green Day, Foo Fighters, Placebo and The Subways, the band compose songs, which, to be frank, kick ass. They are fast vibrating tracks supported by a killer voice which rivals that of Hayley Williams. What’s not to love?

Their debut track,’Noise‘, flaunts all of the bands abilities well. The singing? Strong. The melodies? Infectious. And riffs? Rocking. If you unpick the threads of the tune you begin to hear elements of The Subways in the main body of the song and older bands such as The Stones in their riffs. It’s a brilliant song and I have absolutely no idea why they aren’t signed as they are expressing some emotion through music that could be compared to that shown in the 60’s rock bands.  

Keep up with Dinosaur Crush:

Twitter / Facebook page / Bandcamp


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