Today’s Man

Following my brief hiatus I have decided to bring you a brilliant band with a brilliant self-titled album: Today’s Man. The duo amazingly comprise of an astronomy professor and a hotel worker, not the sort of people you’d expect to get an unbelievable album like this from yet Edmund Douglass and Neil Hoage have achieved it. The duo’s music definitely has a psyche/pop location yet the album displays hints of different genres. Its as if the duo have decided to use this album to explore sound so they can decide which genre to snuggle down in later.

Track number one: ‘Whipporwill‘. This track oozes psyche sounds, sounding entirely like the stuff dreams are made of. The sound is almost breath-taking. Its unnatural whining and echoing voices take over your mind while the haunting melodies float around afterwards. This is followed by slightly faster track: ‘Dissolved in Blue‘. It might not be as mind bending as the previous song yet it is still enchanting. The song feels like a journey, its melodies taking you somewhere else. Where I hear you ask? Only you can know.

After a fade in, a song with a New Order feel to it drifts into your ears. ‘Have You Been‘ features electro and other synth sounds while during the chorus a very Morrissey voice joins in. This song sounds like a mix between both artists and has ended up beautifully. The next song begins to change its feel slightly, a harder sound takes over from slightly mellower melodies. ‘New Age Defector‘ does sound very new age, and does give a reminiscent feel of Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins.

The New Unknown‘ is is strangely addictive, it begins with rumbling drum beats and the same ghostly voice. The song is split in the middle, making it like two songs rather than one, both halves with different tempos yet still holding the mystical ability to send shivers down your spine.

More electro follows with ‘Coming ‘Round‘, the song has developed a strange 3D effect with echoing synth and electronic noises while a strumming guitar grounds the melody. ‘Crystal Crystal‘ has grown a contrasting pop feel with a hypnotizing melody which never fails to hit the perfect note to make you feel good.

The final track, ‘A Cordial Affair‘ begins with slower, deeper notes before quickening to a thin tune consisting of contrasting shocking notes sounding as if they are fighting to be heard. The result is a mesmerizing tune which finishes the album beautifully.



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