The Everglows // Walking In The Air

With Christmas fast approaching, I think it is necessary to blast the much loved Christmas tunes once again. However, year after year the same tracks do get drab and repetitive so the odd cover will always add an extra lift to the famed tunes. So, as if by magic, The Everglows have provided the service this year with an excellent cover of ‘Walking In The Air’. You may have seen our previous post on the band and may be aware of their fuzzy sound which makes them, well, them. It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that they have not left that behind for Christmas and that it is ever present in the new release.

Now, do not be deterred by the song choice, The Everglows have completely nailed it. Well, for me anyway. They have changed the Christmas classic from a choir boy symphony to a fuzzy rock tune, capable of being one to jam to. Not only does this allow the festive season to gain a harder feel through a new rock cover, bit it also allows you look uber cool while getting seriously festive. I especially love it because it sounds very similar yet completely different to the original all at the same time.The band have really taken the track and made their own while hanging on to what makes ‘Walking In The Air’ so special in the first place. I mean, this is what doing covers is all about, right?


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