The Black Delta Movement // The Trip

Does everyone remember the post on The Black Delta Movement a while ago? Well I hope so since I’ve got another track to show you. Firstly, I’d like to apologies about how late this is going up, it was supposed to be done in October but things got in the way, but better late than never hey? Well it is especially in this case since ‘The Trip’ is a good one and you really need to hear it.

Like their other stuff  ‘The Trip’ sounds very raw and akin to authentic rock, immediately transporting you back to the golden age with bands such as Led Zep and The Doors. The song has been deftly recreated and is almost too good to be true with electric riffs which come alive, beats which clasp everything together beautifully and the vocals shimmering in front of you. I do have one problem with this track though, it sounds to similar to Kim Fowley’s original. I feel as though the band need to explore their own sound more and develop more of their own personal emotion within the song. I would really love to see this band let go of the support that the cover holds and freefall into their own sound, I believe this band would have a lot to flaunt if they did.


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