Peur’s recent release ‘Explosions’ demonstrates the band’s love for post rock and hardcore bands while effortlessly expressing their ability to play. The band is made up of Joe Lomax, Ryan Greenhalgh and Sam Tempest and the threesome create some unbelievable sounds.
‘Explosions’ opens with some vigorous riffs and a thumping beat, immediately getting your heart rate up for the thrilling trip awaiting. This track is intense but the clear cut vocals ensures that it isn’t too excessive. When the vocals first kick in they sound too light in comparison to the melodies being produced but it soon evens out and slot together to form a cohesive sound. Also, the pregnant pause keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the rest of the song to commence and the band is able to wrap your ears round their little finger, regardless your willingness. Now while this is not what Tenacious D would call the ‘The Best Song In The World’, it does have a certain flair to it that’s hard to miss.


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