Mytacism Music has now been a thing for a whole 5 months now! So, to celebrate both this and the coming of a new year, I thought we should have a quick look at the best artists we have featured over this period.

10 – To kick things off we have Barry & Liebe. The duo create perfect acoustic melodies filled with emotion and passion which have the ability to relax and soothe.

9 – Next up is the energetic ska group Smiling Ivy. This is a band with the shocking ability to make anything sound good and lively.

8 – Dinosaur Crush have snagged 8th with their raucous, irresistible tunes which could start out a rock session anywhere.

7 – Now we have Hazels, the raw rock infused group who recently released ‘This Ain’t A Game’, a song filled with persistent beats and vocals sounding like Franz Ferdinand.

6 – We are now graced with the presence of Deaf Poets, a band from Miami who produce deep, layered songs in their album ‘4150’

5 –  Marking the halfway point is The Everglows, a band constantly producing new fuzzy, 60’s infused tracks which you can’t help but fall in love with.

4 – Recently reviewed band The Vickers takes 4th with their kaleidoscopic album ‘Ghosts’.

3 – A band full of talent is 3rd, Empire Affair, a band boasting infectious indie melodies in their EP ‘Pangs’

2 – Today’s Man very nearly came first with their insane psych/pop self-titled album, overflowing with electro, psychedelic, rock and pop sounds.

1 – Just stealing it from the previous band is Zibra, who easily deserve the spot of the best band on the site this year. They are simply irresistible with mind bending videos and drug like tunes.


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