Paper Penguin

Irish and Stylish is all I can say. Paper Penguin is unlike anything I’ve heard, in fact the Soundcloud page is filled to the brim with sounds which feel like a science experiment with only good outcomes. It is oddly beautiful and otherworldly, like how you would expect a visit from friendly aliens. Although I do hope Paper Penguin do eventually stop being the alluring alien and more people like this come out the woodwork to share their work.

I think my favorite two tracks are Level 22 and Glazed. Glazed feels like a party with a hint of sadness or rejection while Level 22 feels like a beautiful journey into an attractive something.

Glazed has an easy beat with electric tones which fill up your skull like water. It almost makes you shiver it feels so consuming. I’m in total love with it as it has the ability that everyone needs these days; the ability to remove your thoughts, even if it is just for 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

Level 22 feels like it has it’s own beating heart, thoughts and pumping lungs. I know it sounds like I’m either high or insane but if you really listen to it, it has this very feel.. The different tempos, periodic sounds and the almost vibrating white noise preventing a daunting silence all make you feel like you’re in a mind, listening to the sound of emotion and thought, moving and breathing.

If you want the best experience of the music, I think late evening when you can’t get to sleep or something, when the song can start to tell your relaxed mind a story.

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