Marco Mestichella

Marco Mestichella’s music is cinematic, a great performance with all the notes in the right places and nothing slipping out of place. His sounds have a professional warmth to them, they make you feel good but the skilled aura induces a feeling of awe instead. Another notable part of his music is his voice, it is one that is smooth and composed, almost crooning into your ear.

The first song I took a look at was ‘Fragments Of Light’, a song boasting a very real sense of groove and an uber coolness. The song is ruled by the perfect drum beat, the periodic hit of the cymbal keeping everything in perfect form. However, Marco’s vocals hold the magic in this song, a large majority of it is spoken in a low voice which then switches to a beautiful, melodic singing voice for the choruses.

Another song I took note of was ‘Process Of Neglect’. I loved this one because it feels like a book, you get the sense you are about to be swept up in a story as soon as the song begins, which is true as when you focus on the lyrics, you hear Marco asking ‘Give me a reason’, entering you mid scene to his story. It is also full with beautiful lyrics, a particular favorite being: “In a very deep sea / Full of fears, full of hopes / I was on the road”.

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