You Are Number Six

You Are Number 6 literally sounds like someone has taken a big bowl and poured in some late 1970/ early 1980’s melodies, the slightest pinch of a feel good sensation, a handful of new wave sounds and a sprinkling of Bowie like vocals. And guess what it makes? Heaven. (I have to admit that when I was writing this review, I ended up listening to him for the rest of the night, I couldn’t bring myself to change the artist.)

‘Palimpsest’ proudly brings out the electronic wails, melodies tinted with sci-fi and that deep voice, masking every word with meaning. I love the fact the song keeps building itself up but it doesn’t quite let it happen, as if the song is holding some sort of secret.

A newer track of his is ‘Forever Through Time’ which continues to hold onto the essence he has created for himself. This track seems more focused on his affectionate lyrics rather than the melodies like ‘Palimpsest’.

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