The Updraft Imperative

I bring to you something new today, a new breed of Christian rock. I only call it a new breed as this is the first time I have found a Christian rock album which I would take the time to listen to. And, considering I’m not religious, I was very skeptical of whether I would enjoy the music but as soon as I clicked the link it became very obvious to me that I should be more open-minded and that The Updraft Imperative must be on a mission, deliberate or not, to make Christian rock something more enjoyable than the stereotypical devoted man with a guitar, singing about his love for Jesus. So, to get this straight, religious or not, this Australian trio are worth reading about and their sound is way more developed than the stereotype.

The bands album ‘Chair’ is filled with groovy rock, an irresistible sounds which sends good vibes through your body. The lyrics also give off an indisputable warming feeling that is acquired regardless of beliefs as the warming thought of someone being there for you and the emotive, meaningful way they express this reminds you that in the harsh world we live in, there is still an emotional power to be observed.

Now, like every good album, ‘Chair’ has its slow and meaningful songs, faster more upbeat tunes and the ones which contain an unmistakable atmosphere. All of the songs are done with an attitude which has ensured that the outcomes of these songs have been almost perfect, sounding expert but humble and true to themselves, a factor which is able to draw you in. No one appreciates an artist who knows how good they are right?

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