ECMO is an American rapper who has an incredible story, he died 3 times and wasn’t meant to even survive past the age of 4. Not only does his life show a perseverance but his music holds it, you feel the determination in every note and beat that his tracks hold.

Now, I am not normally a rap fan yet ECMO has got me; there is something in his music that makes you just want to listen to it. Whether its the sudden need to move along with ‘Purple Horizon’ or the serious feel in ‘Awakening’, you get a feel that this artist is here purely for the music unlike a few others these days. I love the grinding beats, the vibrating bass backing and his voice that holds a level of prestige whilst acting as both the angel and devil on your shoulder.

Taking a listen to ‘Seasons’, you are delivered a hint of Mod Sun in amongst the begins of the EP. A lot of the tracks in ‘Seasons’ have the ability to act like bubbles in your head, the beats swelling to fill your mind and then shrinking away for half a second until it bounces back. ‘Modest Souls’ has a vibrating beat which does exactly this and the foreign noises add a burst of successful originality. The flowing, liquid rap in ‘All Seeing Eye’ and powerful burst of vocals in ‘Chasing Voices’ is also something to be admired, both showing emotion but in two stunning ways. The atmosphere created in ‘Nobody Here’ is an admirable beauty too, it surrounds you like a mysterious fog.

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