Rigged & Wired

Rigged and wired is a new compilation album featuring 14 different bands. The CD features bands such as The Rickaneers with their western tinted ‘Regime’, Katalina Kicks with their quick paced, nearing punk song ‘National Hero’, DownFall and their killer electric guitars in ‘Chin Up’ and Pacers with their 60’s rock look a like ‘Part Of The Scene’. All of the bands have an effortless feel with their music, a sensation which scopes across the compilation making it perfect to listen to.

The music is all rock based but it pans out into different sections as the bands flaunt their different abilities. ‘Throw The First Stone’ by Rubric has a slightly sassy feel about it, the quick paced lyrics show off, flaunting themselves in your face whilst ‘On Your Knees’ by Bonze’s Fuel has a really dirty rock sound, the deep bass and guitar notes sounding similar to some of The Black Key’s earlier stuff. The album also shows a few bands who have obvious inspirations, ‘6699’ by Cloud City Trap sounds very like The Zutons, ‘Bipolar Mosaic’ by Missionary Fades sound like the Foo Fighters and ‘Gloria’ by Second Player Score sounds very pop punk, similar to Good Charlotte.

‘Every Bit Of Abuse’ by Finding Miranda features a softer voice, busy quick paced drums and quiet guitar, all of which make a softer rock tune.’Fallen’ by Sea of Echos sounds as atmospheric as the band name suggests, the song is filled with emotionally powered vocals and guitar melodies which surround you. ‘LOL’ by Viking Krue is very in your face and sound uncannily like the B52’s. ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ by The Statements opens with a killer build up of guitar riffs and continue by making them wailing. Irresistable. ‘Trayvon Martin’ by Rugged and Draped has a very freestyle air to it, the vocals sounding like cry and the drums, whilst following a repetitive pattern, sound very raucous and out of control.

You can purchase the rock-filled album at Factory Fast Records.


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