Claudia Heidegger

Claudia Heidegger is more than music, she comes with her own message which drives her forward. She discusses beliefs and spirituality without the drama, as though speaking what heart believes. And what is the result? A beautiful mix of folk melodies and alluring lyrics sung by a voice made of crystal.

‘Don’t Be Scared’ flows like a stream of water: the glistening voice, the calming strum of guitar and the driving message give a lucid, flowing feeling. It creates a feeling that calms and collects, soothing the soul. ‘The Shape Of Your Shadow’ has a louder guitar backing and becomes quite melodic as the song goes, reaching an exquisite crescendo. The medieval sound which Claudia seems to have adapted really comes through in this song, adding an extra special feeling.

‘Silver And Gold’ opens musically with the plucking, medieval styled guitar before being fronted by that gorgeous voice Claudia boasts. The lyrics are particularly irresistible in this song, the light and repetitive ‘Tell me a story’ really sticks to you. As soon as ‘What Am I To You’ begins, a serious feel drapes itself over you. You can feel that this is going to be is emotional and full of meaning, and the song lives up to it. The additional instruments in the song add depth whilst Claudia’s voice transforms into a sharp, emotional spotlight.

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