Rubber Clown Car

Made up of Dirk Prysby, Fred Beasley and Tony Pantalones, Rubber Clown Car are a band who make ‘Pure Pop for Paranoid People’. They make what sounds like 60’s flavoured pop, their hand-crafted music is fuzzed at the edges but still has an upbeat emotion to it. The threesome have recently released a self-titled album which is a mix of their own songs and covers. ‘She’s So High’ opens the album impressively with its climatic feel, irresistible vocals that you can’t help but sing along to and that insane chorus that gets you excited each time it comes around. Not forgetting the empowering guitar solo that is so good it feels 3 dimensional. ‘Don’t You Listen’ follows, a slower, simpler song focused more on lyrics as the background melodies fade into a simple acoustic aura. 

‘Kiss You Next Week’ brings back the ‘oomf’ with a rock tinted song. The beat is more prominent and the guitars are slightly heavier, making a darker tone in comparison to the previous tracks. But don’t worry, it still something to groove to and completely fits in with the bands sound. ‘Good Night America’ does sound similar to a lullaby; its plodding beat, the sparkling chink of the tambourine and rough but harmonizing vocals all allude to a ‘good night’ sort of song.

A personal favorite now enters the scene, ‘Jenny Backwards’ is very similar to the first song but is more rock than pop based. It is very close to being a kaleidoscopic tune but theres a very small thing missing, making psych just out of reach. ‘Seasons of Wither’ is coated in seriousness whilst the music emulates sincerity, If this song was a type of weather condition it would definitely be a mist in winter. 

Bringing up the rear is ‘Sorry’, a song which opens which an ominous bass line. But, do not be afraid for it breaks into a Dandy Warhols kind of jam which is accompanied by in your face lyrics, two components that work tremendously together and sound incredible.

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