My Invisible Friend

The Italian trio, My Invisible Friend, make psychedelic/shoegaze/dream pop greats where every song is a new journey on which your mind must depart on. On the 5th of January they released their first self-titled EP, one which has inevitably attracted a fair amount of attention.

Their EP opens with ‘O.N.S’, a song lead by a glitchy guitar and vibrating electronics.This  would sound like The Dandy Warhols if they swapped their instruments for synths and added feedback to their guitars.

‘Eyes’ is one of those songs where you can immediately picture it live; a faint pink and purple light display shrouded in smoke as a backdrop for an immaculate performance. Its a song you can completely lose yourself in, like Alice down the rabbit hole. As soon as the song starts you begin to fall, pondering latitude and longitude until eventually you come out, releasing you’re still doing your maths homework even though you felt like you were somewhere completely different. You have to love a song that creates you you’re very own Alice in Wonderland experience, right?

Ending the EP is ‘Dear Mary’, a tracked ruled by a haunting voice and a beat akin to that of a heart. This is reaching a psychedelic feel, yet morphs into a rock tone as the song builds up into an overflow of sound and feel. The crescendo heightens your senses and makes our hairs stand on end. This is the perfect track to end the EP.

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