Perma F // It’s A War

Perma F are back with a new single; ‘It’s A War’. We reviewed the Swedish duo back in October and we were excited to find out they are back making more music to jam to.

The single release includes a remix of both ‘It’s A War’ and ‘Burning Angel’, they are both all that you could want from a remix, loyal to the original but with an added foreign feel that sounds so good you have to keep listening to it over and over again.

Also included is ‘Beautiful With Horns’, a mix of rock and electronic sounds which work surprisingly well together. The end result is a rock song to party to, a track you can’t help but move your body and sing along to. There’s also an odd beauty to this song which draws you in and you can quite easily find yourself playing this on repeat as well, the heavier guitar gives it a hard edge which juxtaposes with the lighter electronic sounds, the mix of tones cook up a spectacular meal to feast on.

And on to the big act, ‘Its A War’, a song slightly more hardcore in comparison to the other tracks, the melodies mostly created by an electric guitar. Thats not to say no electronic sounds are included, they have just been given an edge which makes them feel heavier as if they are at war against something. This is a song to jam to and let out all the anger you’ve got so I would definitely recommend you have a listen.

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