The Best Of… January

Wow. I think I need a lie down.

It is safe to say that January has been a big month for Mytacism Music and I would just like to take the time to thank all our readers for your support, it means a lot. While we have worked hard to constantly produce new bits and bobs for you to read, you have all worked hard to take time and read about the new and unsigned bands that are making us feel hot, and to say that that makes us happy is a huge understatement.

To put it all into perspective for you, we have gained a Twitter following of over 1,000, reached a total of 4,000 page views and everyday this month we have had at least 50 views. And, while that may not seem a lot to you, it is to us. Especially in comparison  to what we were getting so thank you.

So, before you get bored of our love, we would like to show off about some of the bands you liked the most and the bands that we loved.

Some of our most viewed posts this month included the likes of ECMO, Marco Mestichella and Rubber Clown Car but we have compiled the top 5 posts you seem to love.

5. The Everglows: Do they every want to take a break? It seems not as they were featured in our ‘2014’ post as well. Lucky for us the boys have released another mod inspired tune to fall in love with.

4. Claudia Heidegger: Her appearance in this post is not surprising at all. Her beautiful folk/acoustic melodies are hard not to fall in love with.

3. Rigged & Wired: The best rock compilation I have heard in just about forever. Filled with bands such as Katalina Kicks and Pacers it is filled with talent and killer tunes.

 2. The Updraft Imperative: These Christian rockers have brought grooves and desirable sounds to the world without throwing their faith at you, making it a brilliant album regardless of your beliefs.

1. Quiet As A Mouse: The presence of these Scottish lovelies is no shock as when you take a listen to their music, within seconds you are hooked onto their allure. Soft and charming, they are a must in your life.

And now onto the artists that made us hot under the collar, the people whose music holds a special something making them completely irresistible.

5. You Are Number 6: I fell in love with this band as soon as I heard them.Their music sounds like a new version of the 1970’s/1980’s tunes with an added ounce of electronic melodies.

 4. Cannibal Animal: Thrashy, rocky and sometimes referred to as the pissed of Joy Division. These guys make the perfect tracks to rock out to.

 3. Winter 1982: Beautiful acoustic melodies are produce by this folky duo. They are perfect to wind down to and perfect to simply live to.

 2. Paper Penguin: This was the best way to open the new year, Paper Penguin strips down music to the magical experimental stage. The outcome? A consuming mixture of electronic tunes that transport you on your own journey through time.

 1. Latenite Automatic: There is one sentence that sums him up: “This is what a band of vampires might sound like after they’ve been up all night snorting powdered blood and drinking aged hemoglobin”. Latenite Automatics music is dark and addicting, overflowing with electronic layers and a voice similar to Trent Reznor. 

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