The Magikal

The Magickal are a new synth-pop project from Utah. Considering that they’ve only released 3 singles so far, these guys have some serious talent. The quality of their latest single, ‘The Ticket’, is astounding and all of their previous releases have the same standard. Their tracks are powerful and mesmerizing, all holding a ‘Magic’ to take note of.

‘The Ticket’ is just one of those songs; infectious, gripping and simply beautiful. Its cloaked with dark electro sounds which take on the function of a normal drum beat. They lead the song and make it have a similar effect to psych songs as, like the lyrics express, they take over your mind and every note makes a different part of your body itch to move in time to them. The beat that is there acts more like an accessory, the lightest parts of the song adding a particular allure to the entirety of the tune.


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