The Relights

The Relights are a band evidently inspired by the rock bands of the 90’s, their sound a clear reminder of artists such as Oasis. The group is made up of Daniel Todd, Chris Bottazzi, Dean Swift and Michael Beckwith, all of which add to the band’s signature sound.

The band has recently released a new single via their soundcloud entitled ‘Calling All’. The song has a gentle rock tone, like a dimmed hard edge, which adds a somber feel to it. This would be a brilliant song to sing along to, it has one of those choruses that has an irresistible sound which forces you to echo it regardless of your own talents.

Also recently released is their double A-side ‘Shadows’/’Free Now’, both songs sound louder and more irresistible. ‘Shadows’ has a very quick pace and compelling lyrics which amount to a great track to fall in love with.  In the latter track, the instruments fill your mind with their quick and vibrating notes making the perfect track to play loud and proud.

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