Acoustic Arsenal

Factory Fast Records are back with another exceptional release following ‘Rigged and Wired’, and they will keep coming back with even more brilliant compilations to get your hands on the coming weeks. For now though, we have ‘Acoustic Arsenal’ to soothe all of our music desires. The compilation features a mixture of stripped down songs including the immaculate, country styled ‘Troubadour’ by North Star and the rock infused folk track ‘Moonshine’ by The Federalis.

‘Hey Mister’ by The Shannons make it incredibly hard to stay away from your dancing shoes. Their easy melodies accompanied by the quick paced beat and bright string instruments make it hard not to begin floating around the room. ‘Your Love Means Nothing to Me Now’ by Johnny Hate is brimming with a bluesy, rock n roll sound. It is a sort of sound that plants a smile on your face and encourages your body into a gentle jam along with the infectious tones.

‘Backburner’ by Matt Davis is finely tuned and makes your ears tingle with a state of euphoria. Everything about this track is perfect; the purity of the acoustic guitar, the strength and talent of the vocals and the aromatic feel of the backing noises. ‘Fly Away’ by Dan McCarthy is a loving song, one which fills you with warmth and smiles. Its slow and calming, repetitive but assuring. ‘All Protect This Lie’ by Glen Fernando has a similar tone, slightly more brooding but it is still one that lazily cocoons you in happiness.

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