The Mysterious Projekt X

This is the first compilation out of Factory Fast Record’s new Projekt X series. All three CD’s in this compilation feature the sort of music you would expect when you think of the title: spacey auras, sci-fi tones, electro melodies and that extra kick ass element brought in by the last few tracks which boast rock genetics. The album actually features one of the artists who have recently graced our presence: The Magickal. Their recent single ‘The Ticket’ is 4th track on the compilation and you can read the full review of their dark and gripping electro track here.

Rightfully opening the album are The Poulsons with ‘Germiston’, a synth filled track with a very prominent reminder of Bowie, supplied mainly through the vocals but there are hints in the melodies too. ‘Get Me Going’ by Wild Horse  is a song filled with flaunts and exhibitioned talents. The twang of guitar notes, the plodding tempo of the beat and the ruling of the almost raw, in your face vocals make sure that you understand the power and talent the band have, and rightly so, they make an irresistible listen.

Creeping Volt Club‘s ‘Time Bandit’ is an eerie song, the whispers of voices and echoing sounds float around your head space and make you feel like you are in some sort of 80’s laser quest. The music also holds a hypnotic talent; a wormhole of repetitive melodies try and suck you up, locking up your mind for a while.

The Statements are back again with a stripped back rock tune following their appearance in ‘Rigged And Wired‘ (read the full review here). ‘Bad Cilla’ sounds both pure and fuzzy, creating a confused but mind tingling composition. ‘Motorcycle Man’ by Logaine is perfectly opened with loud and in your face guitar riffs. The song has an endless build of momentum formed by the rolling guitar riffs makes your blood run and swells your heart. The Windsor Project follows with a similar rock prowess with their song ‘This is Where We Say Goodbye’.

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