A Is For Atom

Having recently released his second EP, A is for Atom, A.K.A Mike Cykoski, is on a road that only goes up. His music is produced with such a scientific perfection as the name implies, a factor making his music noticeable and gives it a level of eloquence.

‘Load Up On Guns’ seems to serve as an appetizer, repetitive but layered, simple but effective. The chorus is the songs main strength, some of the pauses aren’t long enough to be effective and some of the electric baking sounds out of date during the intro of the song. ‘A Song For You’ has a sadder feel to it in contrast, the voice is low, the beat slow and notes are elongated, but it is the beginning to the upward road the EP is now taking.

 ‘Bombs Away’ is smoother than a baby’s bottom, the vocals float out as fluid as a stream of consciousness, the melodies are like velvet and there is an overall appearance that has been streamlined. The build of momentum from the added guitar also gives the track an extra bit of  ‘oomf’. For me ‘White Dress’ is the highlight of the EP. It has beauty which needs to be heard; the sounds are rich and full, vocals powerful and strung out enough to make it one to sing along to and there is the right level of emotion involved which doesn’t depress or make a fake atmosphere.

Bringing up the rear is ‘India’. This is one of those songs that pick up your negative emotions and throw them out the window for a while since it is inevitable that you will start moving in time to an infectious drum beat. This was definitely the right track to end on.

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