Cuban Hexe

Cuban Hexe, a band who create the sort of music that could easily be the soundtrack to some killer memories. Their fast-paced songs create a 3 minute long jam session for those listening, boasting a more authentic type of rock feel in comparison to the majority of new bands these days. Listening to their songs would mislead you into thinking that it was made by long term musicians, however, the band are made up of a younger generation and, because of this, I think it is necessary to take the time and give them a listen.

Their most recent release has been their EP ‘Missile Crisis’, a release which simply flows with talent and beauty. ‘Secrets’ opens the EP via the lead of a sharp guitar, one which pulls your attention and sends shivers down your arms through its brightness in comparison to the dirtier rock moans that back it. The next track holds slightly less allure than the first, but thats not to say the band have lost their cool. ‘Unreachable Girl’ still oozes Hexe’s staple clear cut rock performance, it just lacks in gold coloured content.

 ‘Four’ and ‘Blackwater Canal’, however, is laden with it. ‘Four’, the oddly named third track, is almost misty with secrecy, the melodies have reclused and the vocals are pushed to the forefront of the song adding an open charisma to the composition. ‘Blackwater Canal’ has a hypnotic sequence of riffs and the almighty screech of the title requires full audience participation whether you begin willing or not as the song begins.

Vote for Cuban Hexe to play live at Hard Rock Manchester.

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