One More Thing

‘One More Thing’ is the second compilation in the ‘Acoustic Arsenal’ series and again it contains some insanely good songs. The compilation is due to be released on the 17th of Feb (three days time) so mark the date in your calendar and set a reminder on your phone since the album includes the likes of  Vanessa McGowan and her track ‘Lucky’, a brilliant mix of melodies and spoken word poetry, one which holds a power that forces you to stop your current actions as it is one which really needs to be listened to. Matt Davis is also back with ‘One Sided Love’, a song which continues to hold his particular talent of inducing euphoria within his listeners minds.

The compilation is opened by Simon Taylor and The Sundowners with ‘Hot Love’ where the listener is greeted with the sort of melodies you hear on an elevator. Do not be detoured however for it swishes you into a relaxing love tune that is hard to hate: the vocals are more streamline than a penguin and the melodies transport you onto the perfect beach scene. Following that is ‘An Empty Walk’ by The Harrison Brothers who create a smooth atmosphere, the song oozes affection and the melodies seem to radiate their own emotions whilst sounding a bit similar to The Beatles.

‘One More Thing’ by Melting Pot is a song which makes you shiver from its simple loveliness. I could literally listen to this song for eternity, its soothing voice drips gold and the melodies are like a strong painkiller, they swoop you up and make you smile, forcing any bad ideas to vanish for a short holiday. ‘Annabel Lee’ by UVTraveler  emit a sad and tentative tone, it is a song you go to when you’ve had a bad day and you need something to make you feel like you’re not alone. The song also contains beautiful guitar notes which really lift you off your toes. Last but not least is ‘Run Better Run’ by Carroll’s Sword which gives a soothing goodbye, it feels just like one of those exceedingly good hugs that shoot warmth through your veins.



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