King Eider

King Eider, the folk infused 5 piece who have deservedly earned a spot on this years Garden Stage at Isle of Wight, are set to release their single ‘Fire’ next week on the 23rd of Feb. Now,whilst their previous sound may have been more country folk, a bit like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for example, their newer sound is slightly less personal but more rounded and developed. This is not say the band has lost any talent however, in fact their sound seems to be evolving from strength to strength.

‘Fire’ opens exquisitely with tinkling piano keys before being backed by a steady, compelling beat and bass line. Then that adroit voice comes in, one filled with truth and a sense of rawness that makes it impossible for the song not resonate within your soul, even if it is for a few minutes. The song is a gem, its got such a surge of emotion and an aesthetically pleasing sound that it is worthy of display and high value.

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