Throwback Rock

Factory Fast Records are back again with a belter of a compilation. Whilst the most recently mentioned albums have not quite been full rock, following an acoustic theme in the two Acoustic Arsenal LPs and a slight electronic theme in The Mysterious Projekt X, Throwback Rock is at tipping point with it’s heavenly rock tracks. It is safe to say that this is a vital album for any rock fans collection. The album is to be released on the 24th of Feb.

The album see’s the return of some FFR veterans, The Harrison Brothers bring their track ‘Awakening’, a track that could never fail at making you feel good with its rumbling, old-fashioned rock sound, and The Statements bring ‘In My Head’ which follows a juxtaposed rock sound to the previously mentioned track; it is lighter and more emotion based.

Second Player Score open the album with ‘Falling Forever’ which seems eager to kick start the album. It is bit like a storm, its quick and angry with a force to be reckoned with yet it holds and immaculate beauty which makes it perfect to listen to. ‘Dynamite Love’ by Michael Daughtry follows, giving a similar air to that which cloaks Journey, it has a feel good factor regardless of the subject and makes you want to learn all the lyrics so you can join in at a high volume.

‘White Lies’ by Monogroove is so cheerful and light that as soon as it came on my frown lines vanished and I became a backing singer, joining in with the harmonics behind the light lyrics. Monogroove definitely give off Beach Boy vibes. Venus Syndrome are next to take the stage with ‘Eviction Notice’. It has country rock DNA, a deep bass and smooth electric licks, al of which suck you in and cause your ears to surrender to its power. Appropriately closing the compilation is ‘Your Ghost of You’ by BisonSound, a Foo Fighters sound-a-like that resonates within your being.

The record will be released on the 24th of February and will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play but you can pre-order it:


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