The Best Of… February

Another big month and another big thank you. This month we reached over 50 likes on Facebook (whayy) and got hacked on Twitter, losing over 2000 followers (boooo) but we have still managed to smash last month’s stats so we do want to thank you for sticking by us. And again we thought what better way to celebrate then have a little round up of this months best content.

This month we managed to feature some great artists and, of course, you had your favourites so I have rounded up the top 5 most popular reviews of the month, compressing some of the best talent into one little nugget for you:

5. Lucchi – We had to of know that this was going to be big, right.? The guy is so chill yet his raps are still insane. We also got to do an interview with him.

4.  The Relights – Sounding a bit like Oasis, this band ooze indie goodness.

3. FELLA – The unbelievable ‘skindie’ band manage to mix genres with ease, producing huge sounds which you can hear on their new EP ‘A Commoners Tale’.

2. A is for Atom – This is a guy who produces scientific perfection in his smooth, electronic genre. What more needs to said other than press play?

1. The TEL – The Russian rockers who have recently released their single ‘Welcome On Board’, a track filled with pure rock DNA.

I’ve also compiled a list of who I think have been some of our best featured artists:

5. Glamour Assassins – Only reviewed recently, the electric band produce infectious, spacey tracks.

4. The Fontaines – A band who practically sweat indie sounds, each of their tracks are the epitome of the newly defined indie pop genre.

 3. Cuban Hexe – These attractive rock ‘n’ rollers are inevitably going to find themselves battling into the rock scene pretty soon with their insanely brilliant tracks.

2. The Magikal – I dare you to listen to ‘The Ticket’ and not relish the dark, electronic symphony.

1. King Eider – It is inevitable to gain at least an appreciation for King Eider, if not fall in love with them like I did. For fans of Ben Howard and Bon Iver.

 Also featured this month has been Factory Fast Records endless stream of killer compilations, they are all so good I had to give them their own feature before they took up all of top 5 spots:

Acoustic Arsenal – Beautiful acoustic compositions which speak to the soul through each twang of the guitar and each vocal note.

  (Released – 3rd Feb) Mysterious Projekt X – Electronically focused rock, all of the songs gripping and fulfilling.

  (Released – 17th Feb) One More Thing – The second in the Acoustic Arsenal series and again features spectacular acoustic tracks.

  (Released – 24th Feb) Throwback Rock – A compilation brimming with pure talent and edgy rock tracks.

Once again, thank you for your support.


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