Alt Country Arsenal

Released tomorrow, this is yet another fantastic compilation from Factory Fast Records. All of the artists on the record explore the country genre in their own different ways. It’s full of very different tracks but they all flow together seamlessly, joined through their folk inspired purity. I love this compilation, it feels familiar even though its new, it ooze goodness even if some of the songs aren’t about positive things and its just so full of talent and power you can’t help but feel emotionally touched.

The album opens with a track that’s not really country but, never the less, still fits with the LP. ‘Came Down From Heaven’ by Adam Davison-Harden is more like a church song with some beautiful vocals, piano and organ that reaches into all the right places to make you feel a bit more cheery. It’s elegance opens the album tremendously well. The Shannons are featured on this one too with ‘Christmas Eve Flight’, a song that instantly reminds you of happy memories and think to one of those snug pub evenings where everyone comes together. Its a hard to song to hate.

‘Cleveland’ by Julie Gibb is a bit more gentle in contrast to the previous track. The vocals on this song is really the highlight, it makes you listen and your heart flutter and your skin tingle. Jiggley Jones follows with ‘Ain’t That Alright’, a song which immediately makes you think country. It is filled with those typical staple sounds and really holds the album together.

‘Concierge’ by Dead Sea Navigators brings a darker mood to the album, the piano melodies brood slightly and the vocals sound deep, erupting from somewhere deep within. The added electric guitar also adds a sinister feel but the song is still darkly gorgeous. Johnny Hate is another repeat offender, back again to make us all fall for his music, this time with ‘Midnight Alibi in NYC’. I’ve got to be honest and say it reminds me a little bit of old school Busted with a country accent. ‘We Miss You’ by Andy Zovko finishes the album perfectly, their jarring song is like a rejected, alluring folk symphony.

You can pre-order the album via Factory Fast Records’ website:

The album will be widely available tomorrow on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.


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