The Yellow Traffic Light

This Italian band make the snazziest shoegaze tracks going, each track sounds like a bubble showing the inside of a sleeping brain exploring it’s own reality. Even more exciting than finding this gem of a band is that they have recently released an EP entitled ‘Dreamless’. It is kind of ironic that each track sounds like its own dream, maybe it is what they are aiming for, after auto-producing such a great EP it is necessary to make an intriguing title for it.

The EP opens with ‘April’, a track that does actually emulate a cheery Spring feeling. But, bare in mind, its still psych so it’s cheery mood does sound warped and unsure of itself. The vocals on the track are lush, they have just the right tone making the sound seem as smooth as buttering warm toast. ‘Care’ follows, bringing a less bright tone and a slower beat. It’s still a gorgeous composition though, it’s a song that you can just melt into. I really love the last track ‘Do It Right’ because of how it changes slightly, the vocals become the lead in the song, clear cut over the melodies whilst they swirl and expand in the background.

This is a bloody good EP and I’m sure their future looks as dreamy as their music.


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