Lindsay Mac

Lindsay Mac has somehow made pop music unique, her tracks feels original and personal, each one giving a little hint to who she is. Mac has recently released her EP Animal Again, it is filled with soft pop melodies and synthed tones.

The first track, ‘Animal Again’, makes you feel like you have been packed off to a calm beach, watching gentle waves roll in. It’s inevitable that you finish this song with the lyrics flowing out of your smiling lips. ‘Remember’ follows, it’s a completely poptastic track, full of light electronic tones and strong, elegant vocals. It sounds as though she’s reinvented Kylie Minogue.

‘Back To Right’ slows the EP down a bit with a steady but animated beat. This is one of those songs that brings the sun out behind the rainy clouds and the emotion in this track feels like a living, breathing person making this one exceptional track. Finishing the EP is ‘Wolf’, a track definitely wolf like in its power and sure to become a motivational song. The synth sounds spiral around Mac’s voice and give you an empowering growing feeling.

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