The Evil Professor Y

This is the follow up compilation to The Mysterious Projekt X  and again does not fail to impress. You can never be disappointed with the range of sounds on these records, if you think about the title, any genre ideas made will be included in, of course, a seamless fashion. This LP is filled with hidden gems and Factory Fast Records deserve so much praise for bringing this music to light. It also features one of our previously review tracks from The Everglows.

The album opens gracefully with ‘Aliens in Woodstock’ by Creeping Volt Club, a song focused almost entirely on melodies which create an almost groovy and cool atmosphere thats simply heaven to absorb. The second track, ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ from The Harrison Brothers, leaks reminders of Austin Powers and his vibrant 60’s era. The song itself isn’t boasting obvious 60’s DNA but its there, those fuzzy, faded guitars and organ like keyboard notes all allude to a 60’s inspiration.

‘Fire `n’ Fear’ from The Poulsons takes you off your feet with their brooding electronic infused rock sound. Its deep and layered, no matter how many times I listen to it I can still find different bits that I didn’t notice before. The Love Buzzards with ‘Dungeon Party’ turns the album to a brilliantly raucous track. There’s rough vocals, dangerous guitars and a glorious beat, what’s not to love?

‘Untouchable’ by Alpha State of Mind sends prickles down your spine with its immense intro. The good feelings don’t end there, the song continues to emulate magnificence through its powerful vocals and unsteady beat. Concluding the album with an awe inspiring darkness is ‘Feed the Machine’ by The Windsor Project. The track is the heaviest on the LP and resonates deep within as it’s pace quickens and slows with a deft prowess.

The album will be available in two days on the 10th of March on all good online retailers or pre-order it here.


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