In short: prepare to fall in love. Stina’s folky music sounds like audible beauty, I’m serious. Yes, she may not be favorable amongst our more rock orientated audience but you can’t help but give praise where it’s needed: each song is doused in a delicate magic, gentle to the ear and caressing to the mind. Her EP ‘Call The Guard’ gives a perfect example of this.

The first track, ‘Call The Guard’, is perfectly composed and, like the other songs on the EP, is lead by Stina’s mystical vocals. The background melodies are powerful yet gentle, symphonic but faded, giving it a largly acoustic sound. ‘My Own’ follows in a similar fashion, sounding a bit darker whilst she exposes her more serious emotions.

‘Raven’ is more spritely, both the instrumental and vocal sections of the song build with an enthusiasm that inspires a smile and a swell of the heart. The penultimate track, ‘Remind Me’,  is a story of feeling, allowing a bond between Stina and yourself occur following her openness. ‘Catch Me If You Could’ is a quintessential finale, the higher notes ensures a joyous ending and the tender ‘ooo‘s following the chorus clips the song to your mind and leaves you in a state of awe.


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