Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy’s recent album ‘When The Light Fades’ is one to fall in love to. A fully hand-crafted and acoustic album that holds a magical essence. ‘Fly Away’ has already been featured following its appearance on the ‘Acoustic Arsenal’ Compilation. Even from the first track your muscles begin lose their tension as you ease into McCarthy’s lucid voice and gentle melodies.

The following track,’Crazy Sun’, is one of my personal favourites. It has a wave like melody and is predominantly instrument, it has been perfect for soothing away any stresses I’ve had and settling me down for the night. What more do you want out of a piece of acoustic music? ‘Moonbeams’, ‘Dream Time’ and ‘Lost’ continue to hold onto McCarthy’s wondrous relaxing and loving essence whilst the songs still flaunt their own special sparks, making them all into independant flourishes.

‘Fence Post Man’ reminds me of Gordon Giltrap, the track leaks the same level of skill and emotion as Giltrap does in his own music. Lyrically, the next song is my favourite. ‘White Light’ is so sweet and gentle, opening to the sound of  “Sometimes I see the light in me, sometimes I see the stars, sometimes I see the light in you, the space between the stars and me, the space between the stars and you”. ‘After The Rain’, ‘Firefly’ and ‘Ladybug Point’ all lead up to ‘The Woods’, the closure of the album, with grace and purity. ‘The Woods’ does end the LP perfectly, McCarthy’s vocals make twang somewhere deep inside your soul whilst the fluidity of guitar notes make you feel like your floating. I don’t think he could have ended the album any other way.

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