Shamona is a new, fresh-faced three piece from Liverpool. The trio create an authentic sounding rock, one fused effortlessly with tones of pop creating a refreshing sound for any rock lover. The band’s recently released EP ‘Just Like You’ contains 5 perfectly produced tracks that are sure to make you at least take notice of them.

The EP opens with ‘Rich Mans Sake’, it’s gloriously performed. Theres just something about this song that makes you feel connected to the band, whether its the rough and powerful vocals, the indulgent rise and fall of notes or even the riffs at the start that leave goosebumps in its wake, I don’t know, but I do know that it works.

A gentler track follows, ‘Just Like You’ is the rawest and slowest track on the EP and reminds me of the emotion in Twin Atlantic’s ‘Crash Land’. The final track of the EP is actually a stripped back version of the song and it is bloody good. The strength in the vocals and the simplicity of the piano accompaniment is so pure that it actually jars you a little bit, living in a world where music is rarely this refined it reminds you of how crystaline music can still be.

‘Come And Go’ is repetitive and almost drug-like, you don’t expect to love it but you do, and you just can’t stop listening to it. ‘The Game Is Yours’ continues in a similar fashion, except with this one you immediately know its going to be a good’n. Everything is flawless in this track and the central riffs are just enigmatic, it is impossible to reject it.

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