Young And The Blue

Young And The Blue are a band who have a more humorous approach to the world of music as I’m sure you’ll see when you visit their website. However,  their music itself is pretty much flawless following its thorough performance and production. I think this is a band that is much needed in the tense world of music at the moment, these are people who can have a laugh and make killer tracks instead of arguing and over-producing everything to become ‘mainstream’. If Young And The Blue continue doing what they’re doing, I’m certain that they could have the world in their hands soon.

The band have recently released their EP ‘Change Your Mind’, a little box of fast-paced rock enigmas. ‘Boredom’ opens the EP, an ironic name for something so feisty and layered as this is. There is a plethora of  instruments, including an electric guitar and a piano, all of which work exceedingly well to create a wall of sound which blocks everything out whilst you ease into the bands groove.

The second track ‘Watching’ is again a lively track, featuring a sprint of notes and beats. The gentle instrumental near the back end of the song flaunts the bands ability to be diverse in the emotions they expose and also really keeps you on your toes, I mean, who really wants a band that does the same thing all the time?  Final track ‘Only For A Second’ is definitely the highlight of the EP, its in your face, flaunting its power and skill. I love the spunky attitude and I love the fast–paced chorus that really sweeps you up. I would also really love to see this played live, you can already tell that it will be corker.

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