Babylon K

This Italian five piece make music very similar to the Arctic Monkeys, both through the sound of the vocals and that authentic feel to every part of the music. The authenticity is very real for this band too, having self-produced their tracks there is no space for fakery. Babylon K have recently released an EP. Its bloodthirsty and raw, each of the four tracks boast a feisty attitude.

‘Feenings’ kickstarts the EP. The track opens with gloriously pulsating guitars followed by a powerful beat and a psych inspired interlude, all of which suggest that this would be a killer track to see live. ‘Why Are We Living Now?’ definitely paints the EP golden for me, its got more electricity than a live wire and the climatic nature of the song makes it hard to keep the volume low. Penultimate track ‘Eternal Friendship’ is dominated by the shrieky plucking of guitars making it a truly epic track. ‘Waitin’ For The Shine Of Light’ however is more brooding, the instruments make it feel like there’s a brewing storm whilst another injection of psych that precedes the chorus makes everything seem more mellow. If the EP is anything to go by, I’d say that Babylon K have a roaring future awaiting them.

Bandcamp / Facebook / Soundcloud


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