Calming River

Calming River is an artist who creates very real music, music which comes to life and moves before you like an apparition. Each track also feels very pure, most songs are simply just him and his guitar, giving each track an intimate sound. The debut LP ‘Afflict and Redeem’ also features drums and a violin, instruments which add more depth and ambiance to the tracks.

‘The Ember’ starts the album with an atmosphere tinged with a sadness. The steady pluck of guitar strings and melancholy violin easily alerts you to the fact the album is going to be full of intricate beauty. Following in suit, ‘Overcome’ creates a dark and raw sound which rolls into a chilling climatic ending. ‘March’ continues a somber mood but ‘Brother I’ acts as the parting in the clouds. There’s hope flowing deep within this song, a hope created by the lighter notes and small grin of melodies.

‘Parrot Song’ is one of my favourite tracks. There is a build up of instruments that sounds so full and simple at the same time. The melodies begin to sound like breathing and drum beat feels like a heartbeat making Calming River’s music really come to life and it sounds almost Holy. ‘Stayed At Home’ is full of spiraling notes and wistful vocals that ultimately suck you in like vacuum. The album ends with ‘The Dirt’, a track which begins unexpectedly with sweeping background tones. As Calming River begins to vocalize his thoughts it is easy to get caught up and lost within the song, so much so that your skin begins to tingle.

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