Americana Armour

Americana Armour opens with soul touching vocals from The Federalis in ‘Fox and the Hound’, a good looking prophecy for the rest Factory Fast’s first compilation in yet another brilliant series. The LP, to be released tomorrow (24th of March), also features some of our previous love affairs, such as Melting Pot who we saw on the Acoustic Arsenal LP, Johnny Hate on the Alt Country Arsenal LP and Monogroove on the Throwback Rock LP.

The second track, by Monogroove entitled ‘When I Wake Up’, is heavily blues inspired, featuring the sort of melodies you’d expect from Elvis’s earlier bluesy stuff, making it the perfect fit for the theme of the album. The Celebration Army follow with ‘Black Blues Jeans’, a track that admittedly begins with odd sounding vocals, but, I promise you, by the chorus you will love it. The vocals begin to relax and sound less abnormal and completely new vocals enter scene for the chorus. The melodies in this song are irresistible and make you want to ease into a sassy dance.

The fourth track opens with a mellow strings composition but picks up into a mainly lyrical composition backed by brass. Personally, I am not a fan of The Blue Project‘s ‘Requiem for a Working Man’ but it is hard to not appreciate the artistic value of it. Genuine Crude brings their track ‘Insanity Rules’ to the table next. It sounds quite fresh in comparison to the other tracks, perhaps due to the instruments sounding more alert. This is a track that almost doesn’t fit, but, then again, the goods things in life never blend in that easily do they?

‘The Killing of the Fragile’ by Johnny Hate is angry and feisty, full of emotion and ready to fight for what it wants. It’s a track thats hard to forget, its repetitive melodies get lodged so easily in your head.'(You Got Me) Rollin’ and Tumblin’ by Melting Pot on the other hand is more relaxed, ending the album on a chilled out, bluesy high.

The Americana Amour will be available via iTunes, Amazon and Google Play tomorrow.


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